Running is a journey; not just the obvious moving yourself from A to B but the process of gaining fitness, confidence and strength (both physically and mentally) and sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction to keep progressing and stay on track.

Everyone on the start line of a race will have followed their journey; whether it was training for a first race, working to improve on a time or stepping up a distance and even starting that process to get there can seem intimidating.

We’ve all been there. You want to train to run that race you’ve targeted, but you’re not quite sure where to start. You swing from being super strong and confident to not quite knowing how you can tackle it all. That’s where having a coach on hand can help. Someone who will tailor a plan suited to your timetable, lifestyle, experience and goals who is on hand to chat as much as needed.

As a coach I can help you balance the best training for you around your life to keep the consistency and progression through the year making sure you peak at the right times. That way, you can stand on the start line knowing you are as best prepared as you can be.

I have a range of experience both from trail and road running and racing which gives me an adaptable coaching knowledge. Coming into running as an adult, I appreciate those extra challenges that can arise where you don’t have that pool of experience where you progressed through the youth ranks but there should be no limit to what you can do no matter what age or background you have in running. I have run both fast marathon times (2.39 PB…twice) and have won bigger trail races such as the South Downs Way 50 to which I hold the course record. I know you can dream big and grab those goals.

I’ve learned an inordinate amount since starting as a once-a-week runner to now a much more frequent trail trotter and the joy of having a coach is the shared experience and knowledge. You don’t have to be a fast elite runner to want to be the best athlete you can be.

One-on-one coaching package includes:

– Initial consultation.
– Weekly, fortnightly or monthly calls to discuss your training, you choose the level of input you want from me.
–  Bespoke training plans tailored to your personal goals and schedule from a UKA qualified run leader.
– You provide feedback and we adjust the plan accordingly.
– Strength and conditioning advise.
– Regular support via email and/or whatsapp.
– Competitively priced.

If your interested in my services, please email me at: