Let your legs discover the mountains, fells and trails.
Let your soul go with the wild.

Goals as big as mountains

I may be nearly two months late setting 2020 goals but I intend to have the most productive year yet. 10 big goals for one big year.

When rest is best

The human body is a clever machine. It can function on very little, it can adapt and it can rebalance. That’s why I have learned to love and appreciate mine exactly as it is.

Embracing the journey

Running and racing isn’t just based on physical prowess, much of the challenge is the mental game and your game plan to battle those naughty little voices that shake your confidence both before and during a race.

Toughing it out

That feeling of hopelessness when a race you’re in just isn’t going your way. Do you embrace it and see how tough you are or do you cut your losses and call it a day?

Maverick X Series Exmoor Marathon

Huge vistas of open ocean, rolling coast path, mega steep climbs and epic forest were the greeting from the Maverick X Series opener in Exmoor. The most beautiful race on the Maverick calendar for sure.

Learning to run easy

Every running magazine, coach, seasoned runner and their dog know that running your easy days truly easy is the way to go but this is the biggest thing I struggle with.

Snowdon Route Recce

Doing a race route recce is a brand new concept to me. It’s a sensible thing to do when a route might be challenging and can make sure you know a little more of what to expect on race day.

SDW50 Race Report

Months of preparation building mileage and time out on the trail, practising nutrition and working on strategies to mentally and physically tackle something that felt like a huge challenge.